Careers | Staff positions at Miller's Ale House


We don't hire waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cooks or bus boys. We hire people.

Look, if you want to wear flair. If you love memorizing a script for the soup du jour. If you really love gathering around to sing some corporate birthday song. Miller's Ale House may not be your style. But if you like to chat it up with customers, have more personality than a cardboard box and like to be, well, you. Then sign us up. Around here our people are what makes us. We're not just on the lookout for anybody. We're on the lookout for you. So if you want to be a part of something real. Hit us up. We could always use another member of the Miller's Ale House Team.

MAH Commitment to You:

  • Medical and Pharmacy Coverage for Fulltime Hourly Team Members
  • 40% Dining Privilege
  • Fast paced, fun working environment
  • Open Door Communication
  • Supporting our communities together
  • Biannual Performance Evaluations
  • Ability to advance your career

Your Commitment to MAH:

  • Always bring your best
  • Have fun
  • Be present
  • Be real
  • Be yourself

Hours of Operations 11AM to 2AM (at most locations)
7 days a week